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Safe and Therapeutic Management of Violence and Aggression

"Delivering great healthcare with the highest quality expertise and skills"

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Bespoke forms that are in use for the successful delivery of courses

GSA model of training

These courses are delivered only by fully qualified GSA Instructors which are also meeting the requirements under the RRN Training Standards. These courses are delivered in line with the following aspects:

  • Human Rights based approach

  • Trauma Informed Care

  • Person Centred Approaches

  • Positive Behaviour Support / Safewards model(s)

  • Behaviours that are Challenging the Services

  • De-escalation / Difusion / Distraction methods

  • Risks Associated with Restraint

  • Management of Violence and Aggression Theories

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Conflict Resolution

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This training course is a mandatory requirement for any member of staff (including agency staff) working within environments where particullar risks around violence & aggression have been identified. Therefore this course is aimed for anyone who is at risk of physical assault within the workplace. 

Starting from £46 pp
(T&C's apply)


Positive Behaviour Support


Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) is a person-centred approach to supporting people with a learning disability.

Starting from £30 pp
(T&C's apply)


Management of Violence and Aggression

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Physical Intervention/Restraint is a skilled hands-on method of physical restraint involving trained designated healthcare staff to prevent individuals from harming themselves, endangering others or seriously compromising the therapeutic environment.

Starting from £76 pp
(T&C's apply)

Consultancy Services

Bespoke on-site sessions


Our team is readily available for numerous tasks that cannot be organised and /or completed within a training environment.

Starting from £75 per hour
(T&C's apply)

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