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Bespoke Training Services and Protocols

a journey into the rub-down search procedure

Searching in Healthcare [level 1]

from £45 + vat pp

This one-day "basic" face-2-face course was developed for people working within the health and social care sectors and is meant to give instructions to staff in techniques for searching.


This course will cover:

  • the correct procedures for searching people - patients, staff, visitors

  • the correct procedure for searching patient's accommodation and other rooms within the establishment

  • the correct procedure for searching vehicles

  • the correct procedures for pat-down searches, rub-down searches and metal detector searches

a journey into the metal detector search procedure

Searching in Healthcare [level 2]

from £250 + vat pp

This is a 2-day train-the-trainer course mostly developed for people working within the health and social care sectors.


The candidate will be equipped with all the necessary skills, knowledge and understanding to be able to deliver the level 1 search courses.

just a glance into the security lead roles and responsibilities

Security Lead Training

from £900 + vat

A bespoke consultancy service developed and delivered for individuals that are required to quickly learn about their roles and responsibilities as Security Leads within Mental Health Services.

As a minimum, this is a 2-day induction programme meant to cover all basic aspects of the above roles and responsibilities in correlation with the physical & procedural security aspects alongside relational security. 

the relational security explorer with its 4 separate sections

Relational Security Training

from £45 + vat pp

A 6-hrs course meant to boost staff knowledge and understanding of their patients and the environment where these patients are being cared for. 

The candidate will be taking a deep dive into all types of boundaries, re-enforcing the rules of engagement with their clients / patients.

Satisfaction Guarantee

All courses are developed using the experiences gathered over a period of more than 15 years of successfull work and services delivered within the mental health sector.

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